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Photographed by Fatimah Ahmed in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, which she originally captioned, ‘Surround yourself with the things you love.’

Creating the future

Let JY&A Media take you on a global journey, with independent media brands that bring joy, experience and knowledge.

Founded in an optimistic era when uniting the globe seemed to be in reach, we create authentic stories, building strong trust over the last three decades with our international team. We continue on our mission to bring global understanding, and entertain and inspire our audiences.


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What we do for our licensees and partners

Our licensees and JV partners gain instant kudos with well established, respected, and trustworthy brands. Lucire and Autocade are unique with their global outlook, and their balance between entertainment and information.

Our titles have a history, but they are not set in their ways. They’re future-focused, open to the next development. They have adapted to the changing world while keeping their global, uniting ethos.

The result: human-written, up-to-the-minute content that engages and inspires.

What we do for our audiences

JY&A Media brands such as Lucire and Autocade, and our book titles, bring delight and positivity. If you’re going to spend your time with us, then we want it to be fruitful and enjoyable. We want to take you on a journey around our world. We hear from our customers all the time that they read our print content ‘from cover to cover’, and we’re one of the most experienced firms in the digital media space.

You’ll find yourself part of a global community, and there’s more to come beyond print and the web.