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Business and collaborations

We respect what our clients want, and we have created bespoke publications, and teamed up with other creatives. The sky’s the limit with immersive digital experiences on our horizon.


Metallic book rack Skylar Kang/Pexels

Contract publishing

Since the beginning, we’ve published books and periodicals under contract for others, and have a long, proud record of raising the standards for our clients.

On limited budgets in the 1990s, we gave so many of our clients great designs that they had only dreamed of. We believed that everyone should be able to access quality design regardless of their budget. We’ve published yearbooks and annual reports, an anthology, family histories, too many to name.

On bigger budgets, we can create something bespoke and special—our own publications are a shop front for our capabilities.


Charlie Ward's Viewpoint cover Jono Rotman


Where we have distinguished ourselves is collaborating with so many creative talents. With designer Charlie Ward over one of his award-winning Viewpoint series. With LID Publishing on the original, award-winning Panos: My Life, My Odyssey, where we went beyond writing the book, we laid it out and designed it as well, keeping it within budget and without wasting paper sheets thanks to our knowledge of typesetting and production. We’ve worked with Tukan förlag AB on an upcoming title. In other words, if we’re not the right party to handle it, we have decades’ worth of contacts to whom we can refer you—or work alongside us—to realize any given project.

VR and AR—that’s already something we’re working on with a European firm, with our providing the content, and they the technology. Watch this space.


Libriz home page


We can sell digital and print assets—not just books and magazines—through our online store, Libriz, which we created in 2023. This is our first proper foray into e-commerce. Despite being a pioneer in so many areas, retail was something we had left to others, till we discovered that some of you would prefer we handled it as well. So far, it’s met with success and positive feedback from our customers.